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Tips for making your relationship work!

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Falling in love is easy but maintaining a lasting and loving relationship can be a hard task if we don’t put in the daily work that it requires. Like most things in life, relationships need maintenance and waiting for problems to escalate before seeking help can make the difference between divorce and coming back stronger from a crisis. Here are some questions and strategies that could help rekindle your passion and renew your relationship:

  • Ask your partner regularly if there is anything you could be doing to make the relationship better.

  • Ask your partner what attracted him/her to you in the first place and ask yourself if you are still that person, if you are still doing the things he/she loved about you in the beginning.

  • Let your partner know what makes you proud of him/her.

  • Tell your partner what is your favorite thing about him/her.

  • Try to recreate your first and happy memories from the beginning of your relationship.

  • What places did you used to enjoy visiting?

  • What activities did you used to love doing together?

  • What hobbies did you have in common?

  • What did you do for fun?

  • How did you handle arguments?

  • Make your partner their favorite meal o a random day.

  • How did you let your partner know that you love him/her? Are you still doing that?

  • What did each of you do to grow your relationship from the time you first met? Are you still doing that?

  • Create rituals such as eating dinner at the table with candles lit, having a conversation without your cell-phone around, taking walks in the park, or making meals together. It could be anything very simple that reconnects you both.

  • Practice personal care and take care of your appearance.

  • Make sure you are accountable for the part you play in the relationship — good or bad.

  • Make sure you foster your relationships outside of marriage. Sometimes we neglect our social life with our friends and family members and instead we become too fused (dependent) with our partner.

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