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Parenting Skills & Tips

  • Praise your children when you caught them doing something you like or something you want them to keep doing

  • Learn how to pick your battles and do not go after each one. At times is best to let pass certain negative behaviors to avoid reinforcing it by providing attention to it (kids LOVE attention and make no discrimination between good attention and bad attention)

  • When you are going to tell them something important make sure you are at their eye's level (get down on your knees and look at them straight in the eyes so you can connect)

  • Reprimand them in private, never in public since it will damage their self-esteem and will humiliate them

  • Keep your promises ALWAYS. Avoid promising something you will not do even if you are doing in it to get them to follow rules such as "I will throw away your toys if you do not clean up after playing. Unless you are planning on throwing the toys away (never recommended) do not tell them you are going to do so. 

  •  Tell them you love them and hug them frequently. 


  • Encourage them to draw and paint with watercolor paintings. It promotes creativity, it's self-soothing and helps the expression of emotions. 

  • Allow them to play freely and independently; it promotes self-esteem and autonomy 

  • Set clear boundaries  and make the environment predictable (ex: stick to the same time for dinner, bath, homework, and play).

  •  Talk to teachers and get their feedback with regards to your child's behavior. Get involved! 


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